How to Give

Why Give?

Milestones is a 501(c)3 dependent upon government funding.  Without it, we would not be able to deliver services.  We get small grants and funds from our community that help in big ways to pay for things we ordinarily wouldn’t be able to receive.  Private donors, individuals and business donations help to buy things like new fall space below our playground equipment, paint to freshen the walls, plants and seeds for our vegetable gardens, etc.   The money you give can go towards a project or can be done in any of the ways below.

Milestones Services, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization

How to Give

Giving can be done in many ways:

United Way of Central Arkansas:We are a United Way agency and receive a grant from that organization to serve as our Federal match money.  The money we get from them helps to fund our program.

Arkansas Community Foundation.  We have an endowment with ACF, now under Milestones Services, Inc.  A little or a lot helps with the endowment.  We someday want to be able to use this account for some of our operating expenses.  There are a variety of ways to contribute and someone would be happy to help you with the specifics of this avenue.

  • Donating land/cattle/other assets. ACF will help with this process, whether you want to donate all or a portion of sales.
  • Leaving Milestones all or a percentage of your estate. Leaving Milestones the percentage that would have gone for taxes after your death, could be a way to give.
  • Take out a life insurance policy, making Milestones the beneficiary. ACF can help with this, paying your premiums through them will make the insurance payments tax deductible.

The Giving Garden:  This is our beautiful butterfly and hummingbird garden in our courtyard between the children’s classrooms.  It is filled with flowers, shrubs and trees which flower and give us a relaxing, beautiful place on our campus.  It is also our memory garden.  Bricks given in honor or in memory fill the courtyard.  The money given to the garden, will also go into our ACF endowment, unless the donor states otherwise.

Building our Future Brick by Brick……

Shy Violet:  $25  No brick, but a note will be sent to the person you are honoring or to the family of the one you are remembering.  What a great way to say Happy Birthday or Anniversary or even Merry Christmas for the person with everything.

Rambling Rose:  $60 or more. A brick with the person you are honoring or remembering with a note, as well.  A brick won’t die or wither away as flowers do.

Mighty Oak:  $1,000 or more; engraved brick, a note and a plant planted in your name.

Other ways to give that just requires you shop at the following places:

Kroger:  sign up using the name “Faulkner County Day School”(will change to Milestones Services) and every time you shop, they give us a portion of the amount spent.

Amazon Smiles:  On Amazon, look up Amazon Smiles, then choose “Faulkner County Day School” (will change to Milestones Services).  Every time you check out, we receive a portion of the amount.

Belk Charity Days:  We participate each year in the spring and fall.  When you buy a $5 coupon from us, we get to keep the $5, then you can use it on their special charity day sales.  It’s a win-win.

And of course, we will accept donations directly.  You may tag your donation for a particular activity or item.

We appreciate any donation you're willing to make to Milestones. Thank you!